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  • Andrew Cunliffe (Friday, April 16 21 04:09 pm BST)

    Had my Evo 7 in with Simon for a Link ECU and mapping. The car is a fully built 2.4 stroker with all the work done in 2006, with very little use since then (8000 miles in total) so it was in need of a full health check and the old AEM ECU updating. Simon quickly identified some issues but sent lots of photo's and kept me updated all the time, picked the car up with the work done and a full fast road geo set up and its awesome! Really friendly and courteous service from start to finish, can highly recommend NTS for any work on Evo's. Cheers Simon, Andy.

  • John-James Noble (Monday, February 01 21 08:06 pm GMT)

    Hi how much would it cost to have an evo 8 gsr 280 forged please? Basic forge, rods pistons. 450-500bhp Thanks

  • Rob Ellwood (Thursday, December 10 20 10:06 am GMT)

    Brilliant service very very helpful they kept me informed every step of the process during the engine build and gave me the advice on oil changes and other service to keep it healthy
    I would highly recommend Simon my car over 4years ownership and for the future will only visit this shop

  • MATTHEW POLLOCK (Monday, November 30 20 08:59 pm GMT)

    Hey Simon

    Looking to get my Evo 8 mapped around April by you to remove the god awful pop and bang map it has on it

    The car has the following:
    Evo 9 turbo
    Upgraded fuel pump
    HKS Intake
    2.75 exhaust (Decat)

    I'm looking to extract the best I can out the engine and turbo setup without compromising everything else. Been looking and it seems a 264 camshaft is the way to go?

    If so what would be your recommendation to put in? I'm looking at Kelford or Piper cams with adjustable verniers

    The car currently has switchable maps via the IC spray, I am not too bothered about that, would rather just have one map that works the whole time.

    The car will come to you with fresh oil, spark plugs, new cam sensor, air filter cleaned ect.

    Hope you can help


  • James Hickman (Saturday, November 28 20 05:56 pm GMT)

    Cars awesome like a whole new animal after Simon has done his magic with it will see you in the. Retest for more mods

  • Ian Airey (Saturday, October 10 20 05:38 pm BST)

    Just got car back today what a great job he's done. Been afew problems along the way all sorted now thanks to Simon. Drive home brought a big smile on my face. Looking forward to getting rest of mods done now. If you want the best forget the rest just take your car to Simon hell do a top job. And a top bloke to boot

  • Mark (Friday, October 09 20 03:17 pm BST)

    Hi was looking to change my twin clutch to a good single clutch could you recommend one my car is pushing out 400 bop and 400 torque but I don’t launch it or track it it’s a weekend car just looking for more drive ability rather than the judder in first and second ha ha cheers

  • Ryan King (Tuesday, September 29 20 07:50 pm BST)


    I have an evo xfq330 sst, standard with no mods. Looking to start to eek some more ponies out of it.
    I have evoscan and ecuflash. Have done mapping via email?
    Im quite far away to drive up for a stock map to get rid of the over fueling that the stock map has as im sure your all to familiar of.
    Would like to have a convosation with you about the car. I know your a busy man as you are well known and highly spoke of.

    Regards Ryan

  • Paul Hibbeard (Thursday, September 24 20 09:11 am BST)

    Whats the price for the
    switchable maps, with hi/lo boost, valet mode, immobiliser mode, pops and bangs, as seen on FB
    I have ECUTEC Licence mapped to 380BHP
    but am interested in multi MAPs especialy valet mode
    EV04 OOK

  • Mick Podolaka (Thursday, March 19 20 11:31 pm GMT)

    I sent you an earlier request but was windering if you could give a full cost of a full timing chain upgrade together with replacement oil cooler upgrade for SST gearbox and dyno remap of my 2011 reg (61) Mitsubishi Evo X GSR FQ 330 SST with 30000 miles. It was originally remapped by the Racing Line in Bradford in 2015 at 406bhp, but I would like it fully checked through as it was done before I owned the car. There are no known running issues but I wish to have peace of mind that it is performing at its optimum level. I wish to have a fast road dyno set up as I will not be using it on the track.
    Many thanks
    M Podolaka

  • Darren King (Saturday, March 23 19 04:59 pm GMT)

    I have just got my car back from Norton Tuning Solutions. Simon is a genius! What he has done with my car, is incredible. I have spent a fortune on having work done on my car, and several maps, by 'big name' specialists. And they had ruined my car. It is not only smooth to drive normally now, it f***ing flies when you put your foot down. I will never take my car anywhere else again! And the pops and bangs are perfect. I asked him to do them a particular way, and they are spot on. I cannot recommend Norton Tuning Solutions highly enough!

  • Daniel cresswell (Wednesday, March 14 18 09:55 pm GMT)

    so.... after looking at prices to tune my 2008 slightly modded civic type R via ecutek simon popped up and blew the competitions proces out the water with his quote....

    cars had x4 switchable maps... all features unlocked... and its one amazing job.

    even the aftercare was 2nd to none when i had to learn to drive the car again due to bad habbits (resting foot on clutch) and map telling me to get a grip.

    simon is on top lad.... done an outstanding job on my civic mapping wise hes totally transformed my car from what it was... discussed me through every question i had "in simple terms"

    AND I WOULD RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE with a shadow of a doubt.


  • Glenn (Thursday, November 23 17 12:14 am GMT)

    Simon was the only man I'd let touch my ix, turned it into a stunning drive that was reliable as a daily. Couldn't recommend highly enough!!

  • Matthew Naylor (Saturday, September 02 17 11:32 am BST)

    Had my Subaru Impreza wrx mapped by simon where do I start wow what an amazing job he has done my car was 220bhp after a few hours of simon spend time playing with my ecu I am now running 357bhp with pop and bang the car drives absolutely mint now smooth throughout every gear and pulls like
    crazy very friendly knows his stuff top guy will recommend to everyone thanks buddy ?

  • Matt mawdsley (Saturday, July 22 17 04:34 pm BST)

    Had my evo ix mapped by Simon today and he's completely transformed the car.He talks you through the process step by step and I'm shocked what a difference it has made compared to my previous map!
    Highly recommend ??

  • Frankie Jamedon (Friday, November 20 15 12:08 pm GMT)

    Very very in the know guy is Si, he has fitted numerous performance upgades to my Evo 8 along with a full re-map and without a showdow of doubt has well and truely changed my Evo into what i would
    call something special.

    Will be getting more parts bought and fitted by him very soon.

    Highly recomended
    Thanks ?

  • Dan Seaman (Thursday, November 19 15 06:53 pm GMT)

    Just a quick thanks to Simon and a big thumbs up to his work.

    Simon has looked after my cars for a good few years now, he's seen me trough ownership of two evos, a 5 and a 6.

    Both majority track cars so get plenty of abuse. Never had an issue with either cars, thanks to Simons mapping skills and technical/mechanical knowledge.

    He has a no nonsense approach and won't go talking you into anything unnecessary.

    An all round top bloke.

  • Simon Norton (Tuesday, October 30 12 07:06 pm GMT)

    Thankyou for visiting the website please feel free to leave your comments

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