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  • Sam (Monday, November 18 19 07:14 am GMT)

    Hiya mate looking at mapping my polo gti 2016, all standard at the min but potentially wanting to take it straight to stage 2? Any chance you can quote me up what I’ll need and what the difference is between stage 1 and 2? Thanks in advance

  • Craig Thompson (Monday, October 14 19 11:23 am BST)

    Hi, are you able to map a Evo 6 standard Ecu it has exhaust/Filter bigger intercooler, I am unsure on what fuel pump it is running. I was told it was standard not mapped when purchased.
    It is a car for track but the last few outings I have been told there is lots of Black smoke and the odd flames & smell of fuel?

    If you could help that would be great I have read you are well recommended in the Evo scene.

  • Ashley Hoskin (Friday, October 04 19 09:44 pm BST)

    Hi mate just after a price if possible for a remap on my evo 8 gsr on a standard ecu and if possible to install anti lag thanks ash

  • Ashley Hoskin (Friday, October 04 19 09:42 pm BST)

    Hi mate just after a price on how much to remap my evo 8 gsr on a standard ecu ,and if possible to install anti lag thanks ash

  • TERRY TRIFFITT (Saturday, September 28 19 09:15 am BST)

    what maps do you get with the fn2 ecutec tuning what bhp does it give

  • TERRY TRIFFITT (Thursday, September 19 19 04:07 pm BST)

    what gains will this FN2 ECUtek tuning give me in bhp

  • Lewis Marshall (Sunday, July 21 19 09:10 am BST)

    Hi, I have a 2011 Skoda Octavia Vrs and I'm wanting to go oem+ with it. Power wise I would like 280 to 300, can you give me a quote for the pats and labour needed to achieve this. Can you give me a a price for upgrading my car with the Racingline sport damper and spring kit too please. I would like to install a better clutch too, please could you give me a quote for this too.

  • Lewis (Friday, June 07 19 10:29 am BST)

    Bmw 335i

  • Glenn osborne (Monday, May 27 19 01:41 pm BST)

    Hi do you map Vi-pec ecu's on a 2.3 forged evo 7. and what sort of estimated price are we looking at.and what happens if you find something wrong and you need parts do you have courtesy cars or is there somewhere we could stop overnight if need be..Many thanks

  • Marcus Froggatt (Thursday, May 02 19 07:53 pm BST)

    Hi just wondered how much an oem+ stage 1 map would be on my mk7gti pp 2013. Thanks marcus

  • Matt lawson (Thursday, April 25 19 09:18 pm BST)

    Hello how much and time scale for Ecutek mapped with vtec lowered to 4k, launch control, flatshift, blip on down shift, pops and bangs, valet mode, immobiliser mode, 4 switchable maps.

  • Marcus Froggatt (Tuesday, April 16 19 02:17 pm BST)

    Hi Simon wondered if you can advise me on a oem remap for my golf mk7 gti performance pack edition. It's a 63 2013 model with 21k on, I've been told these suffer with premature turbo failure and was wondering if this would be an issue even more after mapped. Many thanks marcus

  • Darren King (Saturday, March 23 19 04:59 pm GMT)

    I have just got my car back from Norton Tuning Solutions. Simon is a genius! What he has done with my car, is incredible. I have spent a fortune on having work done on my car, and several maps, by 'big name' specialists. And they had ruined my car. It is not only smooth to drive normally now, it f***ing flies when you put your foot down. I will never take my car anywhere else again! And the pops and bangs are perfect. I asked him to do them a particular way, and they are spot on. I cannot recommend Norton Tuning Solutions highly enough!

  • shaun (Thursday, March 21 19 04:47 pm GMT)

    Hi bud shaun calibre autos please call me 07737076242 got and fq300 timing chain faults .

  • Aleksander (Sunday, January 27 19 01:32 pm GMT)

    Hi what's the price for remap on a Civic fn2? With ecutek as advertised? Thanks

  • Tamer (Sunday, December 23 18 03:25 pm GMT)

    do you deal with evo x ayc pump repair ? and what is the cost (roughly)

  • Shamriz Hussain (Thursday, September 27 18 01:43 pm BST)


    I am looking at an Evo X & looking at getting about 350hp from it as a daily.

    Not sure if to just get a 300 or spend the extra on a 330 with the hks bits on it?
    Would it take much work to get a 300 to 350ish?

    Live in Sheffield so would be coming to you guys for looking after.

  • Aaron riches (Saturday, August 18 18 03:32 pm BST)

    Hello I'm looking to have some work carried out on my lancer. It is a 2009 lancer ralliart sportback. (Dg09bmv)
    Firstly I'd like to know the prices for serving.
    Both for the standard engine & for a sst gearbox. (I already own a new filter for the gearbox)

  • Karl Beddow (Saturday, July 28 18 09:39 am BST)

    Im looking at having my FN2 mapped with you. Mods are Skunk2 intake, Japspeed headers (needs Fitting) and Miltek exhaust. What price would it be for the remap and for the headers to be fitted?

  • Qassim Alsharaf (Saturday, July 14 18 04:27 pm BST)

    I need to do remap for Evo 4 With swap evo 5 ecu and 560cc injectors (your kit) but I need to find out how much power and boost we can go with stock evo 4 block I have upgrad Turbo 20G and 264 cams and spring and head studs

  • Joel Tooley (Wednesday, July 11 18 08:54 pm BST)

    Hi there,

    How much for an ecutek map with racerom features on am fn2?

  • Robert Beecroft (Tuesday, June 19 18 06:07 pm BST)

    Good afternoon,
    I am looking at getting my Evo X mapped to suit the mods it now has.
    Also it has a rough idle the garage couldn't rectify.

  • Len (Wednesday, June 13 18 10:34 am BST)

    Hi can you give me a price for remap on evo x fq300

  • Keiran (Monday, June 11 18 09:23 am BST)

    Hi im looking at buying a evo 8 260bhp model but i want it to hit 350/400bhp safely! What is the parts i’d need and how much would you charge to do it

  • Paul Tillsley (Monday, May 21 18 07:08 pm BST)

    Hi, can you give me a price to map an Evo x FQ360. It’s running rich, I’ve got a k&n cone mounted behind bumper AMS style and 3” cat back as my only mods,thanks

  • Karl liddle (Sunday, May 20 18 02:56 pm BST)

    How much is a ecu tek and 4 map for a civic fn2

  • ashley Hamid (Sunday, May 13 18 02:26 pm BST)

    I would like a quote to fit a set of lash adjusters for an evo 5 that I will be providing myself

  • Vishak (Monday, April 23 18 12:12 pm BST)

    Hi. May I please get a quote for ECUTEK remap, TYPE-R FN2 08'plate. Thanks

  • Richard spregg (Saturday, April 07 18 05:27 pm BST)

    Hi . My name is Richard Spregg. I run a small garage in stockport doing mots. And repairs. I have a 2010 honda civic type r fn2 . Currently got custom single exit cat back and a Hks air filter kit .
    Just after a price on ..
    Decat with map?
    Remap without decat.
    But will probably go with decat if you recommend thats the best route
    If i am best ringing you to discuss please let me know .
    Regards Rick

  • James Bellas (Saturday, April 07 18 04:26 pm BST)

    Hi I have a Honda fn2 type R..i would like a price for a remap on ecutek..i have a milltek exhaust and 4-2-1 manifold and skunk2 looking at the blip on downshift and maybe another map..i need to know what kinda money I'm looking at please.

  • Kris perry (Saturday, April 07 18 03:58 pm BST)

    Ecutek prices please for my fn2 Honda type r 2008

  • Daniel cresswell (Wednesday, March 14 18 09:55 pm GMT)

    so.... after looking at prices to tune my 2008 slightly modded civic type R via ecutek simon popped up and blew the competitions proces out the water with his quote....

    cars had x4 switchable maps... all features unlocked... and its one amazing job.

    even the aftercare was 2nd to none when i had to learn to drive the car again due to bad habbits (resting foot on clutch) and map telling me to get a grip.

    simon is on top lad.... done an outstanding job on my civic mapping wise hes totally transformed my car from what it was... discussed me through every question i had "in simple terms"

    AND I WOULD RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE with a shadow of a doubt.


  • Danny (Monday, March 12 18 01:04 pm GMT)

    Interested in a power run maybe a map

  • Julian long (Monday, March 05 18 04:30 pm GMT)

    Hi can you give me a price to change the cambelt, water pump, gearbox oil and ayc fluid on my evo 6 please.

  • Glenn (Thursday, November 23 17 12:14 am GMT)

    Simon was the only man I'd let touch my ix, turned it into a stunning drive that was reliable as a daily. Couldn't recommend highly enough!!

  • Matthew Naylor (Saturday, September 02 17 11:32 am BST)

    Had my Subaru Impreza wrx mapped by simon where do I start wow what an amazing job he has done my car was 220bhp after a few hours of simon spend time playing with my ecu I am now running 357bhp with pop and bang the car drives absolutely mint now smooth throughout every gear and pulls like
    crazy very friendly knows his stuff top guy will recommend to everyone thanks buddy ?

  • Matt mawdsley (Saturday, July 22 17 04:34 pm BST)

    Had my evo ix mapped by Simon today and he's completely transformed the car.He talks you through the process step by step and I'm shocked what a difference it has made compared to my previous map!
    Highly recommend ??

  • ross holland (Thursday, February 09 17 10:29 am GMT)

    I was wondering if you remap the evo x? If so I have an evo X fq 300 sst with a hks cat back exhaust and K and N upgraded intake fitted. what hp increase would I expect to see. also would I need the 3 port boost controller? please advise on prices. thanks

  • Steven (Monday, January 09 17 07:33 pm GMT)

    Hello I'm would like to enquire roughly how much the launch controll maps are . I have an evo 7 that I would like to get done . Thanks for your time

  • Ryan (Thursday, October 13 16 11:03 am BST)

    Hi, I have a link g4+ ECU in my S15 and I'm fitting an anti-lag air bypass setup. What air bypass valve do you recommend for the setup. I can't see one on the link website. Thanks

  • Steve (Monday, August 08 16 01:06 am BST)

    Hi Simon
    I'm after getting my Evo 6 mapped it's on standard ecu, would there be any chance you could do anything for my this? I would be really grateful.
    Regards Steve

  • Frankie Jamedon (Friday, November 20 15 12:08 pm GMT)

    Very very in the know guy is Si, he has fitted numerous performance upgades to my Evo 8 along with a full re-map and without a showdow of doubt has well and truely changed my Evo into what i would
    call something special.

    Will be getting more parts bought and fitted by him very soon.

    Highly recomended
    Thanks ?

  • Dan Seaman (Thursday, November 19 15 06:53 pm GMT)

    Just a quick thanks to Simon and a big thumbs up to his work.

    Simon has looked after my cars for a good few years now, he's seen me trough ownership of two evos, a 5 and a 6.

    Both majority track cars so get plenty of abuse. Never had an issue with either cars, thanks to Simons mapping skills and technical/mechanical knowledge.

    He has a no nonsense approach and won't go talking you into anything unnecessary.

    An all round top bloke.

  • nikky davies (Saturday, April 11 15 07:47 pm BST)

    Hi i have a 8 260. Im buying an exhaust system soon then im looking at getting your map package with 3 port an 255 pump ect. Can this all be done in one day? Also what power you think im looking at?

  • Andrei (Wednesday, July 09 14 04:38 am BST)

    Looking for front and rear shock absorbers for my evo4

  • Johnd912 (Friday, July 04 14 11:53 am BST)

    Wonderful site. Plenty of useful info here. I'm sending it to a few pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you to your sweat! fkbdggeggdbb

  • Paul starkey (Tuesday, April 22 14 09:09 am BST)

    Hello there mate have just brought my self a evo 9 fq 360 it's all standard and has only done 16000 am looking to get it up to about the 400 mark would like a induction kit, the exhaust to be louder
    would still like to keep the race cat in thow and a ecu upgrade could you do all this and how much

  • Hamza Ahmed (Tuesday, April 01 14 11:35 am BST)


    I am contacting you regarding an ecu map for my Evo 4. I have decided to contact you after many good reviews on the forums.

    My Evo is currently running an Evo 8 engine. I am in the process of fitting a Evo 9 GT turbo with 10.5 hot side. Other modifications will include 3 inch turbo back exhaust, 3 port boost solenoid and
    HKS intake.

    Can you please advise me if I should make any further modifications to fully realise the potential of the turbo prior to the map bearing in mind the engine is still stock internally. Also if you
    could tell me the cost for mapping.


  • Simon Norton (Tuesday, October 30 12 07:06 pm GMT)

    Thankyou for visiting the website please feel free to leave your comments


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